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Every Swipe Help a Hero

Excellent service

5.0 rating
October 20, 2020
Review of Reviews

I recommend Quincey Lindsey he is polite very helpful answers all of my questions. Great person to work with. I appreciate his kindness. In no way is he rude or impolite. Just a fantastic person to work with. If you need anything pos wise for your business I highly recommend Quincey Lindsey such a great human being.

Corey Scheidt

Helping Wounded Veterans

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020
Review of Reviews

My husband is a veteran, he was deployed in Iraq. When he came back he struggled with everyday life if it wasn’t for the wounded warrior project, i dont think he would still be here for us. As a small business owner, we love the idea of knowing our business is helping other veterans like my husband get back on their feet. Thank you

Nidia Wesberry

Website ?

5.0 rating
February 24, 2020
Review of Reviews

When I signed up 3 months ago. with the clover flex, i was told they will create a website for my business. I sent my images and what my services are. It took them about a week or so. WOW. My clients can pay on my site now… I am really happy. I should’ve let this review a long time but we were busy.. great job guys., my website is

Frank Gutierrez

Issues with membership

5.0 rating
February 18, 2020
Review of Reviews

We got our Clover Station about 3 months ago. It works fine just like any other system, we had some issues with the membership at the beginning but we talked to Cristina in the “Customer Service” department and after a few backs and forth she was able to fix all our problems, i wish it didnt happened to be begin with but its fixed. I am happy with the services.

Karen Mushinna

TCP customer service

5.0 rating
February 6, 2020
Review of Reviews

So far so good, we ordered our clover station about 4 months ago and its great, way cheaper than what we were paying with square. john was really nice and he calls once in a while to check on everything, that’s nice! So we are happy .

Fernando Tabroz

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