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Compare Square Vs Clover & The TCP Store for your credit card processing fees

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Compare Clover vs Square processing fees

Compare Clover vs Square processing fees

SwipeforHeroes program

SwipeforHeroes Program

Clover or Square: Which POS Terminal Should You Use?

Clover vs. Square, how do you know which of these popular POS systems will work best for your business?

Clover is the best option for credit card reader in small businesses that want the most common and useful business-management features available in a POS terminal.Clover is ideal if you run a retail, restaurant, or service business as Clover offers dedicated POS solutions for these industries.

Square vs Clover at a glance

In a nutshell, Clover offers more flexibility, particularly when it comes to payment processing and app integrations. Clover also comes with more features, its the hardware and software are more expensive than Square.
Square, on the other hand, is geared towards new businesses who want to take advantage of technology, but who don’t need the extra capabilities and shouldn’t have to pay for features they won’t use. It’s also cheaper than Clover. That being said, there are steps that Clover users can take to level the playing field when it comes to price. In some cases, Clover may actually end up being more affordable.

Clover Pros

The real draw for a Clover POS system is that it’s highly customizable. If, for instance, you have a brick-and-mortar store but you also sell your goods at farmers’ markets or craft fairs, you can pick up either a Clover Mini or Clover Station for your store.

Clover Flex, handheld POS system, is a particularly unique device. Flex can be especially useful for restaurants that want to “settle up” with their customers tableside, service-based small businesses that make house calls, or any other small-business that wants the freedom to process payments (while accessing other management features) pretty much anywhere they go.

And as an all-in-one payment processing system, Clover can do much more than accept and process credit card transactions. For instance, Clover integrates with apps like MailChimp, QuickBooks, Shopify, and other software you use to run and manage your business. And depending on the service plan and hardware you choose, with your Clover POS you can perform additional capabilities like manage your inventory, track sales and produce reports, set employee shifts, and much more. You can also access the Clover app store, on which you’ll find tons of management tools that can integrate into your Clover POS system. Clover makes it easy to run your business from anywhere.

Clover Cons

As you can likely tell, the major drawback to using a Clover POS is the price, as their hardware options don’t come cheap. Remember that you’ll need to pay transaction fees on top of the lump sum for your hardware, too. Unless you utilize the TCP Store membership program with $0 processing fees.

Square Pros

Where Square wins over Clover is its price-point, as Square’s hardware can be less expensive than some of their respective, comparable, Clover devices. You can get the Square magstripe reader for free, which just might tide you over as your sole payment processing hardware until you want or need to upgrade.

Square Cons

Despite Square’s slightly lower price point than Clover’s, you need to pay separately for items like a cash drawer or printer bringing the price way up. As always you need to pay attention to transaction fees. And Square’s may surpass Clover’s on that front. Once again, fees vary depending on the hardware you’re using and how you’re processing each payment, but generally Square fees start at 2.6% per transaction. Depending on the types of additional hardware you need to purchase, too, your total Square bill might end up being bigger than your Clover bill.

The Square app is also fairly limited in its capabilities, at least compared to Clover’s robust business-management features.

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