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Say Goodbye to Expensive Credit Card Fees

Thanks to popular new government regulations businesses like yours no longer have to absorb the, ever increasing, costs associated with accepting credit cards. This means that TCP Store members will receive 100% of the funds, and profits, from their transactions.
With a new system from TCP Store, and our free app you will be in compliance with all of the new regulations. Your cash customers will pay the same prices they pay now and a small percentage will be added, just like sales tax, when customers chose to use those expensive rewards cards saving you thousands of dollars every year! Learn more
The team at The TCP Store has decades of experience servicing merchants both large and small across the globe. No matter the size of your business we can help you save money while servicing your customers in the best way possible. Sign up today and experience the benefits of membership with TCP Store.

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With Thousands of Retailers Served, We Have the Experience Needed to Help Your Small Business

Customize Your System

Choose the POS software, hardware, and peripherals you need to maximize the productivity and profitability of your business.

Ring Up Sales

Handle the sales process from start to finish — and in a more efficient manner than ever before. Faster checkout means happier customers.

Run Your Business

Manage every aspect of your business — from inventory and employees to finances and customers. Gain the insight you need to make better decisions.

Clover Station: business cash register
Clover Station: business cash register

Clover Flex: accept credit cards
Clover Flex: accept credit cards

Clover Mini: credit card reader
Clover Mini: credit card reader

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